Kevin Gates Cleveland Ohio (Live Concert)

Tickets are now on sale for KEVIN GATES live in Cleveland OH!

Buy Tickets –


Buy Tickets –

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Machine Gun Kelly (Road Trippin Tour) Block Party Photos

Another epic concert in the books! Earth Entertainment would like to thank everyone involved for making this legendary event possible!
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Machine Gun Kelly RoadTrippin Tour Block Party

We are proud to announce Machine Gun Kelly’s #RoadTrippinTour Cleveland Block Party!! August 22nd 2015 we will be taking over the streets in Downtown Cleveland to bring you one of the craziest concerts Cleveland has ever witnessed!!

Tickets are on sale now –

Earth Entertainment

Earth Entertainment Machine Gun Kelly Block Party

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Machine Gun Kelly’s Road Trippin Tour

Earth Entertainment & Livin Legends are proud to announce Machine Gun Kelly’s “Road Trippin Tour” coming to Cincinnati live July 24th @ Bogarts. Tickets are available now  –

Earth Entertainment and Machine Gun Kelly live in Cincinnati

Earth Entertainment and Machine Gun Kelly live in Cincinnati

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Waka Flocka Flame live in Concert CLEVELAND OH.

Earth Entertainment and The Agora are bringing Waka Flocka to Cleveland on July 14th! Don’t miss this amazing performance!

Tickets –

Earth Entertainment Waka Flocka

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KING CHIP’S royal tour coming to Cleveland

Cleveland emcee, King Chip, formerly known as Chip tha Ripper, is on his 30+ city U.S. “Royal Tour” to promote his long-awaited debut solo album titled “CleveLAfornia”. The Ohio native will be performing songs off of his new project along with some of his most celebrated hits live July 11th 2015 @ The Agora in Cleveland OH. Tickets are officially on sale NOW!


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King Chip’s “Royal Tour”

Cleveland emcee, King Chip, formerly known as Chip tha Ripper, is gearing up to kick off a 30+ city U.S. “Royal Tour” this summer to promote his long-awaited debut solo album titled “CleveLAfornia”. The Ohio native will be performing songs off of his new project along with some of his most celebrated hits. Tickets are officially on sale Monday, April 20th, 2015. Visit for more details and to purchase tickets.


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10 Tips to help unsigned hip hop artists

I often hear people say “hip hop is over saturated.” Because hip hop is such a popular genre of music; everyone wants to be a rapper. There are so many unsigned rappers who dream of being the next hip hop legend. They quickly discover there are millions of other unsigned rappers competing over the same dream. I’m often bombarded with messages from unsigned rappers, who think they can “grind” their way to the top. Many independent rap artists wonder, “how do I stand out from the millions of other rappers?” So, I created “10 Tips,” to help rappers succeed in the very competitive world of hip hop.

(1) Make a positive first impressive – The most common complaint I hear about unsigned rappers is that they are rude. Many music managers, radio program director and music industry professionals are completely turned off at how most unsigned rappers attempt to network with them. Why would a DJ, program director, music manager want to work with an unsigned rapper who is impossible or unpleasant to work with?  Be mindful of how you treat others.

(2) Create a great Stage Name – It seems as if most unsigned rappers want to fit it with their peers and their stage name truly reflects that view. Your stage name should be uncommon; It should leave a lasting impression to your target audience. Think about legendary music artists in Hip Hop and Rock. Most have names that were instantly branded into their fans minds.

(3) Work smarter not just harder – Unsigned rappers deserve credit for how hard they work, but what is the point of working hard if you are just running in circles? One of the most frustrating things to see is watching unsigned rappers working in an ineffective matter. Most unsigned rappers waste tons of time. Why spend weeks doing something that is unproductive? In the music business, it is all about results and numbers. Some of the ways to work smarter are to formulate a plan and write down a list of weekly goals. You will then be able to determine the best way to achieve them.

(4) Social Media Apps – Become a master of social media. Learn how to effectively make posts to grow your fan base and get new exposure. The key to growing your fan base using social media apps is to do some research into them and use them effectively.

(5) Attend music conferences and seminars – Many unsigned rappers completely overlook the value of attending a music conference or seminar. Indie rappers complain about the lack of contacts yet music conferences are filled with A&Rs, radio program directors looking for unsigned rap music artists serious about their craft. The music business is a lot about WHO YOU KNOW.

(6) Market & Promote effectively – Can you name one rapper who has blown up exclusively by promoting their music on Facebook? Personally, I cannot think of one. Unsigned rappers have to understand which forms of social media work best for music promotion. Promoting your music exclusively online is not an efficient plan. Promoting your music only on the streets is not an efficient plan either. Unsigned rappers should devote time to promoting their music online and in the streets.

 (7) Hard Work (this is a 40+ hour a week job) – Many unsigned rappers assume success will happen overnight. They hear stories about how their favorite rapper used Twitter to blow up or how he was discovered by a chance encounter with a talent agent. They do not understand the hard work, dedication and research the artist put into their career. Unsigned rappers hear a small portion of a mainstream rapper’s story and think the same thing will happen to them.

 (8) Build a Great Team – In today’s music environment it is important to have a great team if you are an unsigned rapper. Having a good entertainment lawyer, music manager and street team will make your job a lot easier. If you are just starting out, it will be hard to attract a good experienced music manager. You will probably have to go with someone with little to no experience. Make sure that person has the qualities you need. That person should constantly be learning about the music business. Make sure you assemble a list of people you need at this present state of your career.

(9) Run a college radio marketing campaign – Most unsigned rappers completely misunderstand commercial radio. They do not realize that a college radio campaign is the proper way to promote their music. This is a very often overlooked way to gain exposure. This is one of the techniques A&Rs today recommend unsigned rapper use. I am told this is one of the techniques the rapper 2Chainz employed to gain exposure for his music on a national level.

(10) Have a Website – Many unsigned rappers do not understand how important having a website is today. People discover music differently now. Their Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and Google + accounts are an extension of their social media presence. They are like your arms and legs. Your website is the middle section. It is the home of your online presence. It is the home of your most vital information.

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Bone Thugs N Harmony and Earth Entertainment

Bone Bone Bone Bone!!! We have Bone Thugs N Harmony coming back to Cleveland to perform a legendary concert! Bone will be performing their hit album E.1999 Eternal in its entirety @ The Agora Theater on April 26th – Get your tickets now before they sell out!! Tickets are avail. online or at The Agora Box Office  –

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Dub-O & Tezo live in concert by Earth Entertainment

 them EST boys are back and live in concert 3/28 CLEVELAND AGORA DUB-O & TEZO – Tickets are on sale now –

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